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Bearing & Seals Manufacturer

Odessa Babbitt Bearing Company (OBBCO) is a superior seal and bearing manufacturer committed to providing excellent service by utilizing state of the art manufacturing technology to produce superior products. We are:

Even with the advanced technology, at OBBCO, we still believe service is crucial and although we have widely diversified both our product line and our manufacturing equipment, we still consider every single order to be a personal obligation. Our job is never complete until our customer is satisfied.

We are here to serve you, and as a service organization, we strive daily to build upon our reputation. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality parts, delivered in a reasonable time at a fair price.  When compared with original equipment manufacturers, our customers are thrilled with receiving a product that meets or exceeds the O.E.M. standards while saving in both delivery time and cost. As important as that is, we consider our greatest attribute to be our knowledgeable customer service. We are small enough to treat every customer as our only customer, whom we strive to satisfy.

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