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Antifriction Babbitt Bearings

Since 1963, Odessa Babbitt Bearing Company has always been dedicated to providing top of the line antifriction Babbitt bearings for supporting rotating components. Our high quality antifriction Babbitt bearings are more than serviceable in a number of applications. Named after creator Isaac Babbitt, each bearing is coated with Babbitt metal, an anti-friction metal alloy comprised of hard crystals infused in a relatively softer matrix. This softer alloy gives way to the harder crystal as the bearing wears, allowing the lubricant which will become the actual bearing surface to rise. Primarily composed of tin, copper and antimony, the alloy’s structure is crucial for machine bearings.

Odessa Babbitt Bearing Company’s focus has been to create only the best antifriction Babbitt bearings, while also reconditioning antifriction bearings to a state of equal excellence. Both are available at an economical cost. For more information, contact us today. OBBCO’s experts are ready to answer your questions and assist you with a timely, cost-effective purchase.

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