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bronze babbitt bearings

Bronze Backed Babbitt Bearings

Bronze-backed babbitt bearings are our standard replacement part.  Our shell backing is a 932 bronze, which provides excellent bonding qualities for applying the babbitt lining.  932 bronze is a perfect bearing material--tough enough to withstand the loads and demands of rotating equipment but forgiving enough to not ruin a crankshaft in the event of a failure. 

Babbitt Lined Bearing

The lining of these bearings is a tin-based babbitt metal.  This lining is applied at the optimal thickness to ensure the best fatigue resistance and ability to embed small particles of impurity from the oil.  Let our 50 years of experience speak for itself. Our industry experts can deliver high quality bronze-backed babbitt bearings with a quick turnaround at a price you’ll like.

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