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babbitt bushing

Plain & Sleeve Bearings

With pride, Odessa Babbitt Bearing Company (OBBCO) offers babbitt bushings to customers working with low-speed rotary applications. Bushings, also referred to as plain bearings, plane bearings or sleeve bearings, are selected based on the rotating speed and the applied load and usually do not need additional lubrication to operate. Most commonly, babbitt bushings are inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface.

For more than 50 years, OBBCO has been providing quality bushings that make rotation easier on the entire machine. Our babbitt bushings production is supervised by our qualified experts.

If you need a new plain or sleeve bearing, you can rely on OBBCO to provide a quality part using certified materials which will meet your industry’s exacting specifications. Contact us today and someone will glady assist you with more information about our top-of-the-line bushings.

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