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turbine bearing

Turbine Bearings

Reconditioned & New Turbine Bearings

Odessa Babbitt Bearing has the expertise to manufacture or re-condition almost any turbine bearing.  We specialize in babbitted parts for all makes of turbines such as Westinghouse, Sloar, General Electric, Terry and Elliot.  Turbine parts run in demanding conditions and you want the best job possible when going into these units. When it comes to reconditioned turbine bearings, in most cases all components can easily be re-worked at a huge cost and time savings when compared with buying a new part. Thrust plates, thrust pads, radial pads and regular turbine bearings can be economically re-conditioned to provide our customers a quality part.  

If you need a new turbine bearing, or a reconditioned turbine bearing, you can rely on OBBCO to provide a quality part using certified materials which will meet your exacting specifications. Contact us today.

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