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bearing & labyrinth seal manufacturing services

Bearing & Labyrinth Seal Manufacturing Services

We at Odessa Babbitt Bearing Company feel that we have the manufacturing facilities, the technical know-how, and the depth of experience that combines to enable us to reliably and dependably supply the industry we serve. We offer labyrinth seal & quality bearing manufacturing services to industries like refining, processing, petrochemical, chemical, utilities (gas/electric), mining, pulp and paper, primary metals and other general industries.

Over the entire history of our company, OBBCO has sought out better manufacturing techniques. We have gained a thorough knowledge of the selection, formulation, and processing of the raw materials we use. We have also learned from intense, concentrated, on-the-job experience the mass production methods best applicable to our products.

We service all kinds of equipment like:

   Electric Motors
   Air Conditioning
   Gear Boxes

At OBBCO, we have continuously updated both our physical plant and our manufacturing equipment to maintain a constant state-of-the-art position. Our goal is to supply products of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.  

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