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Bearing Reverse Engineering

OBBCO is able to work on any reverse engineered bearing project. We can reverse engineer a bearing from a sample or work from your drawing and specifications. Our ability to quickly reverse engineer parts provides our customers with a flexible alternative when repairing their equipment. Perhaps your unit has undergone customized modification such as a turned journal or oversized housing. No problem, we can cost-efficiently reverse engineer a custom solution for you.

When dealing with foreign-made units, finding parts in the US can be impossible and overseas parts orders can take months. Simply send us the part and we will quickly put our experienced team to work and make a drawing with which to manufacture your part. These are then kept on file for accuracy in filling future orders, providing our customers with peace of mind in knowing that they have an alternative to long lead times and high costs for otherwise unattainable parts. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reverse engineer a part for you.

Our experience in reverse engineering bearing include applicatoins like cement plants, marine uses for ships and tug boats, dredging equipment, sugar mills, power generation facilites, municipal water plants, potash mines, beer manufacturing, foreign makes, and for various uses in the military. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reverse engineer a part for you.


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