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custom babbitt bearings

Custom Babbitt Bearings

OBBCO is eager to work with any custom bearing need. We understand that much of the equipment still running today requires parts that are difficult or impossible to find.  We also know that standard bearing will not run if your journal is undersized or your housing is oversized.  Not a problem; we can manufacture a bearing to fit your needs.  Our quality aftermarket babbitt bearings.

We have made bearings for every application imaginable as seen on our Industries Served page, from sugar mills, power plants, cement plants, ships, tug boats, dredging equipment, potash mines, beer plants, foreign makes, municipal water plants and military use.  If it has Babbitt, we can probably make or repair it.  

We can either reverse engineer a bearing from a sample, or work from the customers drawing and specifications to manufacture a quality bearing to suit a variety of requirements. Any material is also fine with us, whether steel, bronze, aluminum or Babbitt.  We treat each custom job with the same care as we give all of our orders.  Contact us today to learn how we specifically design custom Babbitt bearings for you.

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