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labyrinth seals

Labyrinth Seal Manufacturer

While Odessa Babbitt Bearing is most often associated with babbitt bearings, our second largest product line is labyrinth seals. Our database of drawings is extensive with more than 10,000 different labyrinth seals.

The main function of labyrinth seals are to help prevent leakeage. In axle bearings, they help maintain the leakage of the oil lubricating the bearing. Not only do labyrinth seals prevent oil from leaking into the bearing, they also helps prevent water and other contaminants from going into the bearing.

We can manufacture labyrinth seals with all teeth configurations such as interlocking, abradable, stepped, staggered, angled and see-through which can be machined as one-piece, two split halves, 4-piece or eight-piece seals. 

Labyrinth Seals Materials

All industries using turbine technology are serviced, including brands such as Elliott, Cooper, Worthington, DeLaval, Terry, General Electric, Solar, Westinghouse, Ingersol and Clark. OBBCO labyrinth seals offer substantial savings for quality parts and a quick turnaround time.

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