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Reconditioned Parts Service

Reconditioned Connecting Rods

It makes good sense to have Odessa Babbitt recondition your connecting rods.  We can clip and bore to straighten the rod and install a new OBBCO bearing to ensure the proper clearance and crush.  We can also repair the rod eye and install a new bushing, either standard size or oversized. 

Crosshead Slides

reconditioned crosshead slide

OBBCO can re-condition any crosshead or slide to as new specifications.  We have the fixture to re-work any popular brand, large or small.  Re-conditioned shoes are a fraction of the price of new.  We also supply new crosshead shims to ensure proper clearance.

Thrust Bearings & Thrust Pads

OBBCO can also re-condition any heavy wall bearing to customers specifications.  All industry uses pump bearings, electric motor bearings, tilt pads, thrust pads, etc and  we can fix them all regardless of size.  Re-conditioning is a fraction of the price of new and an OBBCO re-work is a quality part.

Ball Mill Bearings

OBBCO has experience with many ball mill re-conditions. Any ball mill up to 72" is no problem for us.

reconditioned ball mill bearing



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